The Capitol’s Creepy Beauty Standards In The Hunger Games Movie Remind Us Of Hollywood’s Plastic Surgery Obsession

With each new photo of Elizabeth Banks as The Hunger Games‘ Effie Trinket that gets released, I’m more and more repulsed. Knowing that the Capitol — the rich ruling city exempt from the Hunger Games — is obsessed with beauty makes you assume that its citizens are actually, you know, conventionally attractive. But as I’ve said before, just as the Games themselves are a critique of reality TV, the Capitol is (as I read it) a commentary on Hollywood. So the fact that we’re freaked out by Effie’s costume and makeup is probably exactly what Lionsgate wants.

The official Hunger Games fan wiki outlines to what outrageous lengths Capitol residents will go for what they believe is beauty:

  • dyeing their bodies, wearing bright wigs, and even getting plastic surgery
  • various objects embedded into their skin: gems, whiskers, talons, tattoos
  • drinking a liquid like ipecac at parties in order to vomit up the rich Capitol food and eat more of it

Because we cover celebrity news and lifestyle, we’ve unfortunately had plenty of opportunities to observe plastic surgery turning stars from prettier versions of themselves into warped, alien-like creatures. Just take Tara Reid, who’s become an object of ridicule for her puckered stomach, or the much more tragic case of Ali Lohan altering the structure of her face and still receiving an overwhelmingly negative response. Just like in The Hunger Games, in Hollywood there’s a disconnect between what sounds beautiful and what’s actually beautiful. [tagbox tag= "The Hunger Games"]

We’re expecting Elizabeth as Effie to go through a number of costume changes, including her wigs. The hairpiece, she says, was what cemented the character for her. “Every day I would have that aha moment,” she told People, “like, ‘We did it! We found Effie!’”

Elizabeth did acknowledge that Capitol fashion requires for her to wear some killer heels: “For sure the biggest challenge of playing Effie was the shoes! All of my shoes in the movie are completely amazing but highly uncomfortable. I said to [director Gary Ross], ‘You better be shooting these shoes, because they’re killing me.’”

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