Would You Sign This Petition To Get The Kardashians Off The Air?

The people have had enough! They demand the removal of programming they find objectionable and could very easily just not watch. A woman named Cyndy Snyder has written a petition to E! asking the network to kill off its Kardashian-related programming. It begins:

“Dear E! Online,

We are respectfully requesting that your network find other shows to Air [sic].

Keeping up with the Kardashians is just not viewing that we the public, would like to see from your network.

With recent events let us be heard, enough is enough…” [tagbox tag= "Kim Kardashian"]

Enough is enough, we say! Occupy E! The petition already has more than 4,000 signatures, which, impressive as that is, doesn’t really hold a candle to the 4.4 million viewers that tuned in for the first night of Kim’s Fairytale Wedding. Also, it’s E!, a network that thrives specifically on trashy programming. The more the Kardashians appear in the tabloids, the better for the channel.

There are rumors Kim is heading to “emotional rehab” (Ben & Jerry’s and rom-coms?) to recuperate from recent distresses. So maybe that’s E!’s next show? Watch out, Dr. Drew — there’s another fame-hungry pariah in town.

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    • Nubia

      Yes petition Kardashians off air and anything they are involved in that family is a disgrace and don’t deserve the fans or publicity they all have!

    • ET

      Take them off-They are a terrible example of a family-money means more than anything to this group. Bruce should have left years ago.

    • sickofitall

      so sick of this slut. all the $ in the world, shes still a trashy whore! sad statement on america this is entertainment for so many people.

    • lol

      sure give me a petition I would sign it a hundred times it it will get them off the air.

    • Gino Spimoni

      I would sign a partition to get all reality off the air and get back to talented writers. You know the type I’m sure: family shows, westerns, drama, and romance.

    • Dee

      Where do I sign??? They make me want to throw up. The mother is the biggest fame whore of all. Now she’s pimping out her two younger daughters. Next it will be her grandson. She has no shame.

    • NMK
    • dora

      Uh, you can’t just turn their televison show off. They are on EVERYTHING. Even the news when we have such more important things to know about our country. This is stupid. Kim K needs to take responsibility for her actions and quit blaming other people by sueing them. This is how people act when they get too much money. They forget they are spending their supporters cash. People are actually getting hurt cause of this. Not cool.

    • elizabeth brown

      i would sing the petition if i knew where to sing it. those trashy, greedy, obnoxious,slutty people should be taken off the air. they don,t promote anything decent. the actions are disgusting, please show me where i can sign the petition .

    • Kat Starr

      yes I would sign they have had there 15 min little girls watch them and want to be them but you can just make a sex tape and drink your sisters breast mild you have to have rich parents to go along with it ,SO it time for these talentless bors to go bye bye… ps Kim is pretty but she is becomming very plastic looking ,we are better then this as a whole

    • j

      They are a disgrace. When you know how they began. They are delusional. Sad to turn on the regular news and they have stories about the useless losers they are. Shame on Ryan Seacrest who perpetuates this
      gross bunch of individuals as if they were relevant in any way. Kim is a slut, she is the farthest thing from celebrity or star as the rest of the family. They don’t work. They sue individuals for no reason. They copy
      designer handbags and use slave labor to make the crap they are peddling . Kim is ugly as are all the rest of her immoral family. So stop them. And I certainly hope that the Gap/Old Navy doesn’t pay them a dime. They aren’t entitled and the mother is a gross excuse for a human being .Couldn’t be more shallow. All the reality shows should go. They ripped off all those people to put on their wedding. Vera Wang ought to sue her for ruining her line and they shouldn’t have gotten anything free. They will disappear if enough people voice their opinion . Whatever happened to wholesome programming ?

    • Juan Rangel

      I would gladly sign it to get them off the air. I thought by now, their 15 seconds off fame would be gone.

    • Julie D

      Please Take The A&E Network Off The Air . It’s cancelled its two best shows , and I want them gone .

    • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.grimes.3576 Sharon Grimes

      get the whores off tv.I hate the repetitive stupid, stupid, pompous, narsasistic, bs.where do I sign?

    • Donald Doc

      Stop torturing Americans with whores on the cover of every magazine at every store… It is nauseating just to look at them… They all look like drag queens… Ryan Seacrest is the number 1 responsible for these whore’s fame and fortune for doing nothing in society. GET THEM OFF TELEVISION!!!