Crushable Presents: Kyle MacLachlan’s Face, Meme-i-fied

Did you know that actor Kyle MacLachlan (of Twin Peaks and Portlandia fame) makes wine? I didn’t, so when I saw this Gilt Groupe ad for his sweet, sweet nectar last Friday, I nearly lost my shit. There he was, just peering through the leaves as if to say, “OHAI, Diane. Agent Dale Cooper here. I just made you some delicious wine, NBD, perhaps you’d like to drink it.” It wasn’t long before a few folks on Tumblr turned this ridiculous picture into a meme by ‘shopping him into places where he didn’t belong (OR DID HE?), and we wanted to get in on the fun. I have yet to meet a meme that can’t be improved by his gracefully aging, handsome, wise, wonderful, glorious face.

(Photoshop by Emma Charlton)

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