The Daily WTF: Don’t Tell Us This Is The Future Of Taking Videos At Concerts

Concerts—you’re doing it wrong. A Redditor spotted this guy demonstrating a disturbing evolution in technology + listening to music: What used to snapping footage with your digital camera or cell phone has evolved (devolved?) into holding up an iPad in the middle of the concert.

Nooo, this is not right. The music is going on right in front of you! Your eyes work just as well as the iPad’s focus; try actually taking in the sights and sounds on your own before turning to a technological filter.

What’s funny is how many people on Reddit bitched about this mystery iPad user not turning his device to landscape to properly capture the footage. However, others joked about whether the guy got his iPad snatched considering the way he was waving it about, or if after this photo got snapped someone “accidentally” shoved him into the mosh pit.

And, the winning caption: Metallica on a tiny screen is way better than Metallica live.

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