Why Does Jenny Mollen Slam Others For Admiring Husband Jason Biggs’ Fame When She Uses It For Her Comedy?

I’ve been racking my brain for something to write about Jenny Mollen‘s new comedic essay about her sexual adventures involving husband Jason Biggs (of American Pie fame). The piece — how she ensured her best friend’s loyalty by having Jason try to seduce her — made me uncomfortable for a reason I couldn’t name, even as I was snickering at the great imagery.

You might remember that Jenny wrote about her and Jason’s misadventures in trying to hire a hooker for his birthday. Even by Twitter standards, it was an incredibly candid look into this celebrity couple’s love life. Her follow-up has less ruminations on Jason’s ability to maintain an erection and is focused more on her knockout best friend Nikki, who thankfully isn’t attracted to the kinds of guys Jenny likes (and married). Or is she?!

Long story short, a paranoid Jenny and a friend hide in the backseat of her car while Jason tells Nikki that she can give him a blowjob and he won’t tell Jenny. Right as Jenny is about to reveal herself, Nikki throws herself out of the car while it’s still moving.

See? It’s a funny story. But here’s the rub: I get the feeling it wouldn’t have gotten told if Jenny weren’t married to Jason Biggs. Part of what makes these stories so funny is that — unless I am an idiot and it’s all fiction — is that they’re an unprecedented look into a star couple’s lives. Bit like this, where Jenny plays to Jason’s insecurities…

“You don’t think I could get her? I modeled as a child and before I met you, I used to fuck the hottest chicks!” he balked.

“Yeah, chicks who thought you were Josh Radnor,” I said.

…are funnier because here you have a celebrity who’s constantly being mistaken for another celebrity. (Although to be fair, we only learned who Josh Radnor was when How I Met Your Mother started up six years ago.) Jason’s celebrity makes the story whole. But when I was checking out Jenny’s Twitter, I stumbled upon this tweet from a few days ago:

It’s a bit of a double standard to incorporate that celebrity-by-association into your own comedic essays but be annoyed when people recognize your husband from American Pie. However, one might argue that as Jason’s wife, Jenny has that right. It’s also possible I misinterpreted her tweet.

At the end of the day, her stories are pretty funny. I’d just be curious to see if future entries for The Smoking Jacket don’t have Jason as a co-star.

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