Video: Mike Tyson Plays Herman Cain In Hilarious Funny Or Die Spoof

Former boxer Mike Tyson is amazing as presidential hopeful Herman Cain in a parody video that’s just been posted on Funny Or Die. Perhaps drawing from personal experience, Tyson channels Cain’s (double reference alert!) Bachmann-esque crazy eyes like no one else could as he touches on Cain’s plans to wear a giant flag pin, use illegal immigrants as human batteries, and shake hands with Jesus. The best part, though, is when he introduces a computer programmed to think like Ronald Reagan as his top pick for VP, because isn’t that pretty much what every Republican since Raegan has secretly wished for, IRL?

Also, maybe I’ve been sleeping on this, but Tyson has some pretty impressive comedic acting chops, no? Maybe a career in comedy will be the next chapter in his strange, troubled life.

(Via Funny Or Die)

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