Video: Funny Or Die Parodies Leo’s Hunt For An Oscar

As it turns out, the new Leonardo DiCaprio-starring historical drama J. Edgar can double as a movie about Leo’s Homeric quest for an Oscar with just a little bit of creative dubbing. Over the course of its two-and-a-half minutes, the video mocks a whole bunch of things, including the propensity of the Academy to go for biopics (preferably with accents) over pretty much anything else, as well as the importance of accents in Oscar-bait films. My favorite part, though, comes when it scrolls through the things Leo has been in, and a Bubble Yum commercial from the early nineties somehow makes it in there somewhere between Romeo and Juliet and Inception.

All jokes aside, I really do think it’s about time Leo was at least nominated for Best Actor. I haven’t seen J. Edgar yet, but I just really feel like he deserves it. Someone give this man a statue.

(Via Funny Or Die)

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