ABC Got Bonus Promotion By Sending Its Stars To The Country Music Awards

If you’re watching the Country Music Awards, you may have noticed how many attendees and presenters have absolutely nothing to do with country music. We spotted Emily VanCamp in the audience; Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas (left) just presented an award; and when Kellan Lutz took the stage, there was no irony in the announcer’s voice when he said that the actor was starring in the new Twilight movie.

At first, we were downright baffled. But then it dawned on us: Most of these actors have some sort of connection to ABC, which is presenting tonight’s awards. Perhaps the most recognizable, Ginnifer and Josh play Snow White and Prince Charming on the new fantasy drama Once Upon A Time. And Emily’s comeback to TV since Everwood ended in 2006 is the new nighttime soap Revenge.

“But what about Natasha Bedingfield?” you challenge. Well for one, she’s not a country singer, so she already fits into the category of strange attendees. However, it turns out she’s had more than one brush with ABC: She performed during a Dancing with the Stars results show back in season 8, and just this past March she appeared on the network’s concert special Rascall Flatts: Nothing Like This, Presented by JC Penney.

As for Kellan Lutz and Reese Witherspoon, also in the audience? We couldn’t tell you. But it’s nice to see a few familiar faces, right?

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