Gallery: Rihanna Posted Some Candids Of Herself And Her Friends On Vacation

Ah, the perks of being a pop star’s friend. Rihanna took a group of her gal pals on a yacht trip through the Mediterranean and uploaded a bunch of photos to her Facebook page. In the pics, she and her gang drink, sunbathe and encounter prepubescent fans on the mainland. It looks like a great time was had by all, and I’m hard at work finagling an invite to next year’s trip.

(via BuzzFeed)

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    • TF

      Rihanna has some thick friends!

    • bluepeas

      “Rihanna Posted Some Candids Of Herself And Her Friends On Vacation”

      Really?? How can anyone fix their mouths to label a celeb’s hanger ons & business associates as FRIENDS? More importantly, the ones that lean on Riri all get PAID. Each one in these photos came in w/ a job description & were all her employees FIRST before becoming paid-groupies. And that cute but confused assistant’ of hers who imagines herself a vato stud & Riri as her hyna (behind Riri in red/blk), sees an vjayjay sex doll draped in 18k bling each time she looks at Riri. That is not a friend. Friends dont have an agenda for being by your side. Friends respect whats important & best for you, and friends make sacrifices. Lately, most everytime this woman takes photos w/ Rihana she acts like a perverted class clown. Obviously to impress Riri but it’s always sexual & it makes Riri look bad. The company you keep is a reflection on yourself. The woman’s behavor stems from the woman’s agenda, which she has problems being discreet about. Its partly RiRi’s fault for allowing the line between business associate & friendship to become blurred. Luckily, RiRi is blessed w/ ONE TRUE friend who is in the photo ..Melissa, one who cares to much about Robyn to even think about possibly embarrassing her. She’s accepted all her bi polar moods, emotional abuse, & rejections over the yrs “yet” will always make that sacrifice to be there whether shes treated fairly or not by Robyn. Ppl seen balance, decency, & stability when Melissa was more involved in her career & remained her bff. So RiRi’s antics appeared merely apart of the show, an act, temporary. W/out the balance Melissa brought to Robyn’s image off stage ..ppl who r fickle now percieve Riri’s sexual antics on stage as her true image, her raunchy life style, disgusting etc. Entertaining is like being in a relationship ..if we creat gaps or leave gaps wide open, there will always be an oppotunity for someone ese to come along & fill them.