Demi Moore Look-Alike Mimi Rogers To Play Ashton Kutcher’s Mother On Two and a Half Men

What would Freud say about this? I can’t wait to read his recap! Mimi Rogers is set to play Ashton Kutcher‘s mother on Two and a Half Men, and there’s a little weird about the fact that she looks quite a bit like his real-life wife. Perhaps the episode will be titled “The Oedipus Complex”?

Mimi is six years older that Demi, which puts her at 55 to Ashton’s 33. Thrown in along with her on-screen accomplishments (Someone to Watch Over Me, Dawson’s Creek), Mimi is notable for having introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology. Oh, and she was also married to him for a couple years, which was probably a pretty trying experience for those thetans.

Mimi is set to play the mom of Ashton’s character Walden Schmidt on at least two episodes of Men this season. May there be all the sexual tension in the world.

(via Ology)

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