Lindsay Lohan Released From Prison After Serving A Grand Total Of 4.5 Hours

After all the tough talk on the judge’s part and attempts at making last minute deals on hers, Lindsay Lohan has been released from prison after serving just 4.5 hours of her 30 day sentence. According to TMZ, she “checked into” the Century Regional Detention facility at 8:48pm last night, and was released around 1:30am this morning. (Does one “check into” jail like one checks into a hotel?) [tagbox tag="Lindsay-Lohan"]

The official reason for her release was “overcrowding,” but it seems like an awfully big coincidence that the beneficiaries of this problem are often rich and famous people, no? Furthermore, this is not even the shortest amount of jail time LiLo has done; in 2007, she served just 84 minutes before being let go.

Despite currently being a free woman, LiLo still has to complete her community service at the morgue or risk serving another 270 days (i.e. five hours) in prison. Additionally, she is not allowed to leave the country while on probation, and is required to complete psychotherapy sessions and appear at monthly court hearings. Maybe they’ll rehabilitate her yet.

(Via USA Today)

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