Justin Bieber’s Prepared To Take A Paternity Test And Sue Mariah Yeater Over Baby Claims

Justin Bieber‘s paternity suit looks about ready to backfire on Mariah Yeater, the 19-year-old who’s accused Justin of having fathered her three-month-old son. Justin has been discussing plans to buckle down and take a DNA test with his team of lawyers, who have been meeting with with Mariah’s representation. If (or “when,” according to Justin) the test come back negative, the Biebs plans to sue Mariah for defamation. To make a point about how harmful it can be to spread lies about celebrity billionaires and all that.[tagbox tag="Justin Bieber"]

How long will the world have to wait before we can put this grand scandal behind us? Another two weeks, it seems. Justin’s lawyers have arranged a facility where the pop star can take a DNA test when he returns to the U.S. from travels overseas. Currently, Justin’s in Belfast, Ireland for the MTV European Music Awards.

So it looks like this paternity suit could actually end up costing Mariah money instead of being the set-for-life payday she was ostensibly counting on. But hey — at least she won’t be sued for statutory rape, right? Rock ‘n’ roll, y’all.

(via Popdust)

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