Movie Showdown: Channing Tatum’s Cop Drama The Son Of No One Vs. Cam Gigandet’s Astrology Comedy Five Star Day


There’s extra drama in The Son of No One because the precinct Channing’s been assigned to is the working-class neighborhood in which he grew up. It’s not entirely clear what the corruption is — something about cops dying and his dad’s death maybe not being an accident? — but he has to face down his dad’s former partner and other men he’s always trusted.

Things are a bit less dire in Five Star Day, mostly because Cam’s happiness hinges on what is probably a false horoscope. To be honest, based on the synopsis alone, the movie sounds kind of lame. But after watching the trailer, you can tell that there’s actual depth to Cam’s need for this social experiment. And when Jena’s character is all “You can’t do this anymore!” you actually understand how intrusive he’s being in these strangers’ lives.

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