Movie Showdown: Channing Tatum’s Cop Drama The Son Of No One Vs. Cam Gigandet’s Astrology Comedy Five Star Day

Love Interests

Yep, that’s Katie Holmes inching out of obscurity; earlier this week she was the Slutty Pumpkin on How I Met Your Mother, and now she’s Channing’s wife. All she does in the trailer is take care of their daughter and look scared when a stranger calls the house, however, so we don’t have high hopes for her being anything more than a prop. In fact, we imagine that either she or the daughter has to get killed to up the stakes.

Meanwhile, yay for Jena Malone being back on-screen! Even though she’s one of two women that Cam tracks down, it’s clear that they’re going to fall in love. But, in keeping with his theory, her character is also not as open as him, and quickly gets freaked out by his big plan. (See below.)

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