Movie Showdown: Channing Tatum’s Cop Drama The Son Of No One Vs. Cam Gigandet’s Astrology Comedy Five Star Day

Leading Men

What’s interesting is that Channing is known for taking cheesy or outright comedic roles in Step Up and The Dilemma. He even plays a bumbling cop in 21 Jump Street. But this police role is the polar opposite, a really gritty turn for him. (As you can see, he’s grown a skinny moustache to prove how tortured he is.) As opposed to movies where he’s got just himself to look after, now he has a wife and an ill daughter who need Daddy to keep his job within the police force.

By contrast, Five Star Day follows Easy A as yet another vehicle to show Cam as a sensitive, goofy, somewhat idealistic guy. (Though smarter!) We’re not used to guys as good-looking as him being so earnest — usually that’s reserved for geeks — but he sells it.

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