Movie Showdown: Channing Tatum’s Cop Drama The Son Of No One Vs. Cam Gigandet’s Astrology Comedy Five Star Day

You think you’re being sneaky, Hollywood, but we know what you’re doing: Releasing two movies with hunky leads and ambiguously dramatic plots on the same day (today). Channing Tatum plays a hard-edged cop in The Son of No One, while Cam Gigandet goes the romantic-dramedy angle with Five Star Day. So which one should you spend your hard-earned cash on? We differentiate between the plots, leads, love interests, and central angst to help you decide.


In The Son of No One, Channing is a rookie cop uncovering corruption within the police force in which he works (following in his dead father’s footsteps, no less). The movie has an impressive cast on all sides of the mystery: Tracy Morgan, Juliette Binoche, Al Pacino, Katie Holmes.

Five Star Day was actually shot in 2010, but it’s only getting releases now. The indie comedy stars Cam as a guy who loses all faith in astrology. To prove his ex-girlfriend wrong, he seeks out three people born in the same place as him and on the same day, then tracks all of them on their most astrologically significant date (their birthdays) to see if their lives all match what the newspaper tells them, or if they reveal something else.

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