Drew Barrymore Tops List Of Most Overpaid Actors In Hollywood

Forbes Magazine has just released a list of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood, and the list tops out with none other than one of America’s sweethearts, Drew Barrymore. To figure this list out, they took the last three non-animated features each actor has starred in over the past three years. They then divided the amount all three of each star’s movies made put together by the total amount the star had been paid, to find out how many dollars the star brought in for each dollar he or she received.

Interestingly enough, the only star who actually lost people money was Drew Barrymore, who returned only 40 cents for each dollar she was paid. Everyone else delivered at least some returns. The entire list is as follows:

1. Drew Barrymore – $0.40
2. Eddie Murphy – $2.70
3. Will Ferrell – $3.50
4. Reese Witherspoon – $3.55
5. Denzel Washington – $4.25
6. Nicolas Cage – $4.40
7. Adam Sandler – $5.20
8. Vince Vaughn – $5.20
9. Tom Cruise – $6.35
10. Nicole Kidman – $6.70

Oh, Eddie Murphy, how far thou hast fallen. I was initially sort of surprised to see a-listers like Vince Vaughn and Denzel Washington on this list, but grew less so when I found out their recent films include Couples Retreat and something called The Book Of Eli, respectively.

On the flip side, I’m surprised Katherine Heigl is not on the list, because isn’t she sort of universally hated by everyone at this point? I should add that financial success is not necessarily an indicator of how good a movie is (I mean, Transformers did really well), but when discussing the kinds of Hollywood blockbusters these people tend to appear in, it’s fairly accurate.

(Via Time)

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