Bai Ling’s New Single ‘Rehab’ Might Just Be The Worst Song Of All Time

Bai Ling appeared on a season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and it seems she’s one of the few cast members who’s managed to stay sober. So sober, in fact, that she recorded an ode to being on the wagon called “Rehab.” And well, if this ditty has merit as anything, it isn’t as a song. I couldn’t even get through the whole thing, but it’s in my head anyway and now I want to pull my brain out and rinse it off in the sink.

I’m glad Bai Ling is in recovery, but admitting that she made this thing while sober might not be the best business decision. But hey – maybe she’ll get to go on tour with Countess LuAnn! Could you imagine the headache that would come out of a night like that?

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