Amazing: Lindsay Lohan’s Fans Made Her A Magazine Called ‘Lindzine’

At the office, we’ve been laughing at TheGloss’ gallery of Kim Kardashian‘s fans’ naive and impassioned messages to the reality TV star. But now we’ve hit upon an even more amazing example of the lengths that fans will go to for a star who probably doesn’t deserve their attention. And that, my friends, is Lindzine, the magazine that Lindsay Lohan‘s fans have cobbled together in honor of this failed actress/failed human being.

Lindzine is published by a fan group called The Wormholes; they’ve collected nearly 60 pages’ worth of photos of Lindsay, laser-printed and bound for only $5. It’s an eclectic group of shots: Paparazzi snaps, bikini shots, creepy Tyler Shields shoots, her many court appearances, and the few successful movies she was in.

The best example is a page like this, which juxtaposes the infamous naughty knifeplay photo with a screenshot from Mean Girls (not even an attractive one) and a shot of LiLo from the satire Underground Comedy, which isn’t even out yet.

You can buy the magazine through a site called Hamburger Eyeland; it’s been out since March, however, so it may be that they’ve sold out and need to reprint. We’re almost tempted to pick up a copy ourselves…

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