Video: Stephen Colbert Trolls Two Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Stephen Colbert takes his conservative persona really seriously—while his liberal counterpart Jon Stewart handily takes down the Occupy Wall Street critics, Colbert plays devil’s advocate with the protesters. He decided to use his PAC’s money to check out the protest firsthand, which included a sit-down interview with occupiers Justin and Ketchup.

It is really unclear if these kids are performance artists or honest-to-God real people. With their glasses and “temperature check” hand gestures, they seem like caricatures of hippie kids uselessly protesting. And then when the champagne and steak feast comes in! Hilarious.

So are they working with Colbert to make a smart segment, or has he just made Occupy Wall Street look stupid and misdirected?

One thing is for sure: You do not interrupt Stephen Colbert.

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