Taylor Swift Fights Celeb Jihad Over Alleged Nude Photos

Back in August, gossip site Celeb Jihad posted what it claimed was a topless photo of country singer Taylor Swift without much fanfare; after all, we’re hearing about it only now. The reason for that is because Taylor has lawyered up and ordered the site to take down the photo, claiming that the post contains “false pornographic images and false news” about her. But obviously Celeb Jihad hasn’t made any moves yet, since we were able to track down the photo. (Which, for the record, doesn’t look much like Taylor.)

Taylor’s people are suing Celeb Jihad for trademark infringement, but so far the gossip site isn’t budging. In their latest post on the debacle, they offer a compromise: They’ll take down the photo if Taylor converts to Islam. Because she’s so immoral, right? The poor girl is the best role model tweens have right now. Ironically, she didn’t have any scandal related to her name until Celeb Jihad decided to attribute this photo to her. [tagbox tag="taylor swift"]

I really don’t believe that this is Taylor. Her features are more elfin than this girl’s: Her eyes are smaller and her lips are a different shape. This is just a cheap ploy for attention.

Interestingly, one of the first comments on the post was from someone going by the name Taylor Swift: On August 17, the person wrote, That’s not me. Please don’t post fake pictures of me and mislead my fans. It’s likely that this was just a fan having some fun impersonating the star s/he loves, but it would be interesting if it were Taylor trying to use the medium she knows best — social media — to fix things before bringing in the big guns.

Celeb Jihad, go after a celebrity who deserves your ire, like Lindsay Lohan.

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