Halloween Horror Story: Celebrities Get Trapped In Plummeting Elevator

Remember that great scene in Final Destination 2 when the kids are trapped in an elevator and one of the girls gets decapitated? Now imagine the scene re-enacted with a bunch of lesser-known actors, like that guy from The Good Wife, and a less gruesome ending. That’s what happened to Josh Charles, Alessandro Nivola (Howl), and other partygoers at a movie premiere last week.

Vulture has the story of how a bunch of drunk celebrities piled into an elevator and made the mistake of inviting more and more people on as the old elevator car creaked down the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. Director David M. Rosenthal – whose movie Janie Jones is the reason they were at the hotel — talked about how their mistake was letting on a heavy guy and his girlfriend to their impromptu elevator party:

“Everyone is yelling and hooting, and the guy I’m sure was drunk and thinks it’s a party. So they decide to jump in, and as soon as they jump in, the thing starts plummeting down. His girlfriend is lucky she didn’t get killed because her foot was barely inside the door when the elevator dropped.”

They dropped about eight stories; the doors were still partially opened, so they could see the floors whizzing by. Thankfully, the emergency brake deployed, but they were stuck sort of underneath the second floor. That’s when everyone started to panic and yell at the hotel staff for not being there quickly enough to help. Conveniently forgetting that it was their own drunken decision to overload an ancient elevator, let’s not forget.

At least Late Night with Jimmy Fallon‘s Seth Herzog was cracking jokes: ”So, who are we going to eat first?” and not wanting to die in an elevator of people more famous than he is.

Like I said, everything went well and Josh Charles gave the hotel staff a tongue lashing. Celebrities win over the little people once again.

The funniest part? One of the guys, upon stepping into the elevator, joked, “This is overloaded. We might die tonight.” Have the Final Destination movies taught you nothing about mocking Death?

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