Video: Comedian Daniella Pineda Parodies The Navajo Trend With ‘Genocide Chic’

Sick of seeing exploitative American Indian-esque images like these, which we pulled from the Urban Outfitters site? Comedian Daniella Pineda certainly is, which is why she created this video as her fashion blogger alter-ego DW Diaz celebrating her new line of “Genocide Chic” clothing.

The video was made last month, and started making the rounds again today. Jezebel published an interview with the 24-year-old Daniella. She explained the series of events that led her to make the video:

“I kind of noticed, living in Brooklyn, that hipsters and headdresses was a trend. And I thought, like, all right, hipsters are a fairly educated bunch — why are people rocking headdresses? I don’t understand why this is a thing I keep seeing. And then I was walking in NoLiTa, I passed by this boutique on my way to work, and all of the mannequins had headdresses on. But with lingerie. I was like, what do these things have to do with each other? But it wasn’t actually until I walked into an Urban Outfitters that I felt it was like, ethnic studies meets the Twilight Zone. No-one else seemed to care. It was everywhere, and everyone was buying it. And this is wildly offensive! This is a people who have undergone a genocide, and we’re rocking — it just made me really uncomfortable…And I thought, okay, I’ve got to make a video about this.”

Daniella Pineda, you are officially my new lady crush. I will erect a stylish totem pole in your honor.

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