Can Entertainment Tonight Stop Pretending The ‘Melissa Gorga In A Fat Suit’ Story Is Anything But A Ratings Stunt?

When photos of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga encased in a 300-pound fat suit first hit the web, it was all too easy to find eight other female celebrities who put on the fake pounds. Because it’s old news! In fact, Melissa’s “social experiment” for Entertainment Tonight is exactly the same as the ones that Tyra Banks and Vanessa Minnillo did years ago.

So here’s a note to ET: The gig is up. You don’t need to hide behind a sociological study and say that Melissa donned a fat suit in order to find out if overweight people get discriminated against. This is stupid because a) of course they do, and b) we all know it and shouldn’t have to go through the motions.

It’s clear that the only question to be answered here is how many viewers will tune in to see Melissa pile on the latex and want to cry at how ugly she looks. It’s probably another move to humanize her; while she started out season 3 of RHONJ as a spoiled trophy wife, over the course of the season she shifted into a much more sympathetic character, with her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice taking the mantle of villain. Even when rumors of her past as a stripper flared up, the other cast members rushed to her defense. Now her people are making sure that America sees her as a sweetheart.

ET invited viewers to chat about the upcoming segment on their Facebook page; it’s refreshing to see how many people weren’t fooled. Two posters make the keen point that this fat suit doesn’t even look real. So Melissa isn’t even fooling the people on the street; she’s just making overweight people look ridiculous.

Other posters argue against the lack of realism, like the woman who writes, We don’t all dress this stupid or have ugly hair or look geeky! Another lays down the ultimate challenge: Until one of those skinny minnies wants to really walk in my shoes and gain the weight, I will not be watching that segment.

There are some users who can see the positive in this: One woman says that instead of walking the streets of New York, Melissa should be in elementary schools talking to obese kids who’ve been bullied.

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