Tara Reid Says She And Zack Kehayov Never Actually Got Married

Which should we be more worried about in this video: That Tara Reid just admitted she’s not legally married to Zack Kehayov, or that she was slurring to TMZ in an airport? It’s pretty cruel of the news site to corner her when she’s obviously under the influence of something, but it also revealed some interesting news.

Several months ago, Tara and Zack got engaged and married in Greece in a matter of days; they later sold the photos (like this one) to Life & Style. But as is the case with many out-of-country weddings, the stars need to make it legal once they get back to the States. Well, it sounds as if they never made it a legal union in the U.S.

But again, we’re less worried about the legality of Tara’s marriage and more worried about her mental state. TMZ intercepted her as she was coming off a plane, so it’s possible she could be jetlagged… but really she looks like she’s on drugs, simple as that.

How is her long-suffering rep Jack Ketsoyan going to spin this one?

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