Art Crush: The Best Pieces Of Fan Art From Coco MoCA (The Museum Of Conan Art)

Not only does New York City get Conan O’Brien for a four-day stint where he hosts his show Conan live from the Big Apple—but his team decided to grace the fans with Coco MoCA, or the Museum of Conan Art. And it’s populated entirely by fan paintings!

From October 24 to November 3 (the last day of his stay), the Time Warner Center in NYC will display 50 pieces of art created by fans in honor of the late-night host. It’s clear that Conan had a hand in the museum’s creation: He and Andy Richter have recorded an audio tour that you can consult while walking through the gallery, and there’s even a contraption called the Conan Loveseat, which talks to you and hugs you.

Check out this gallery with pieces from the official site. We don’t know if these made the cut for NYC, or if there’s even more craziness on display, but they all show fans’ love of the famous ginger.

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