These Social Media Sneakers Are Awesome

I’m not usually one for shoes with some sort of decoration or gimmick: Whether they’ve got Justin Bieber or the New Moon lovingly painted on them, they’ll all eventually go out of style and then I’m the idiot who has to keep walking around in them until the soles actually wear down. But I’m tempted to change my mind for these special “social media” Keds from graphic designer Lumen Bigott.

I need these Twitter shoes more than I need any other social media accessory. The color! The whale!

The Flickr set is an especially inspired choice with the dots and color scheme.

But then I just noticed the little “friend request” icon on the Facebook shoes, and… I want these, too.

The saddest part? They’re just concept art. But how about Keds (or TOMS, even) snatches up Lumen’s idea and pays him a bunch of cash to make this a reality? From the positive response, I bet enough people would want to buy the kicks.


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