Is This Superfan Tribute To Ashton Kutcher The World’s Most Terrifying Tattoo?

I think Ashton Kutcher‘s very handsome. I had a crush on him when he was in That 70s Show and I think he’s actually doing a decent job on Two and a Half Men. However, I’m a rational human who funny understands that Ashton Kutcher — whom I have never met — does not reciprocate any of those feelings. Some woman named Jennifer, though? Her love for AK has gotten a bit delusional.

Evidently, Jennifer has been tweeting that she’s Ashton’s number-one fan for a while now, and she recently released an image of her new back tattoo into the wild. Her tattoo appears to say, “Ashton Kutcher i love you love is forever fan love you.” Which is Elvish for, “I am totally sane and not at all going to commit criminal activity.”

(via MediaTakeOut)

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