Scary-Skinny Ali Lohan’s First Cover Is Ironically For Fault Magazine

Newly-minted fashion model Aliana Lohan – with her newly-minted face — has already done two inappropriately sexual photo shoots. Her latest gig, which got her the cover, is closer to high-fashion than skeevy exploitation… but you have to giggle at the fact that it’s for a magazine called Fault.

What angers us most about this situation is that Ali’s startlingly skinny body and likely surgically-enhanced face are a cry for help, but are either ignored or encouraged by mother Dina. When you see the Lohans, they’re falling all over each other at parties. Older sister and supposed role model Lindsay – who we’re convinced is a meth addict — just got her probation revoked and might end up in jail.

Ali looks too old for 17 in this shoot, and even though she’s not doing anything inappropriate, we still worry about her. And really, you would’ve thought momager Dina could find a magazine with a less on-the-nose name.

Photos: The Improper

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