Watch Behind-The-Scenes Clips Of The Breaking Dawn Honeymoon, Shirtless Jacob, And Bella Giving Birth

We hadn’t heard of ScreenTeamMedia before today, but we gotta appreciate their extensive YouTube channel, which has interviews and behind-the-scenes clips from upcoming movies like In Time and The Avengers. But you know what most caught our attention? Their clips from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

While there are some standard interviews, STM was also allowed on-set and caught glimpses of three key moments in the movie.

The Honeymoon

Kristen Stewart looks like she’s shivering in the romantic waterfall on Bella and Edward’s honeymoon in Rio de Janiero. And how does Robert Pattinson‘s white makeup stay on in the water?

Angry, Shirtless Jacob

This is the utterly ridiculous moment that made me realize how much fun I was going to have at this movie’s midnight screening. Jacob’s reaction, upon receiving the invite to Bella’s nuptials, is to rip off his shirt and go wolf. From a moviemaking standpoint, it’s interesting to see the mobile camera racing away from him.

Bella Giving Birth

So now we know that we’ll be experiencing at least some of Bella’s delivery through her eyes, since in this clip we see Taylor Lautner and Robert talking into the camera. Also, their unemotional reaction shots at what must be the baby fighting its way out of her belly are amazing. Those will (hopefully) get added in later.

So yeah, each clip is maybe 15 seconds, but they still offer a fascinating look at how your Breaking Dawn sausage gets made.

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