Rihanna Settles David LaChapelle Lawsuit Out Of Court

The lawsuit photographer David LaChapelle filed against Rihanna for stealing his ideas earlier this summer has come to an end in the most painless way possible for both parties: with a huge, out of court settlement. When he first filed suit this past summer, he insisted that it was “business, not personal,” and he merely wanted to be compensated for use of his intellectual property. “Musicians commonly pay to sample music or use someone’s beats and there should be no difference when sampling an artist’s visuals,” he told The Telegraph. This seemed, and still seems, fairly reasonable.

According to The Independent, the sum for which they settled is undisclosed, but LaChapelle was originally seeking $1 million in damages for the images of his that were copied in the “S&M” video and his publicist says he is “happy with the settlement,” so draw your own conclusions. While I realize this was probably the least stressful way to do things, I’m a little bit sad this didn’t make it to court, because I think it could have set an interesting precedent for cases where music videos rip off artists. We might get another chance at a court case soon, though, because another photographer named Phillip Paulus is suing Rihanna for copying one of his images as well, and in the same damn video. Check it out:

Make it rain!

(Via The Independent)

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