Questionable Choices: JWOWW’s SVEDKA Robot Halloween Costume

I don’t know if you guys have those awful SVEDKA vodka ads in your town, but every time I walk past one I groan out loud. The jokes are just so bad! It’s “voted the best vodka of 2033,” so of course there’s a female robot posing with copy like Make your next trophy wife 100% titanium.

Now if that’s not embarrassing enough, New York City Halloween store Ricky’s has decided to release a SVEDKA_GRL costume—and Jersey Shore‘s JWOWW is modeling it. We’ve got not just one, but a whole gallery’s worth of photos of JWOWW posing with random props (a doghouse?) and even trick-or-treating with her pups.

You know what other celebrity is playing ‘bot? Coco—though we’re honestly surprised she was able to fit her, ah, huge ass into the spandex bodysuit.

No need to be jealous, because Ricky’s is selling the costume for us normal folk, at only $40. (Honestly, that’s cheap by New York costume standards.)

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