Impressive Impressionist Recites The Alphabet In The Voices Of Various Celebrities

Call me cheesy, but I’m a sucker for a good celebrity impression. So when I first saw this video of actor/comedian/impressionist Jim Meskimen doing (rhyming!) celebrity impressions, I was rather delighted. In this video, he goes down the list of well known male celebrities in alphabetical order, delivering a few rhyming lines about each. It’s like the celebrities are talking about themselves in the third person.

I hope a female comedian does some lady celebrities next, because I’d love to hear what kind of rhyme she’d come up with for Courtney Stodden.

How about this?

C is for Courtney, not Love but Stodden/Whose tweets give the impression she’s constantly sodden.

Sensuously supine, she reclines in the nude/And tantalizingly touches her old creepy dude.

This is fun!

(Via Buzzfeed)

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