Gallery: The 10 Douchiest Photos Of Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri
is the worst! I’ve always thought that Food Network “chef” Guy Fieri was the worst, in an abstract man I wish that guy would shut his mouth and put on a regular-person shirt way, but now I know very concretely that he is the actual worst. I know that he is the worst because reports have surfaced that Guy Fieri hates gay people. Here is a thing he said, once: “You can’t send me to talk to gay people without warning! Those people weird me out.”

See? The worst. The bright side is that I finally have a reason to post all of these absurdly douchey photos of Guy I’ve been collecting on my computer.

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    • enrgizer32

      Sad Thing is, I really liked Diners, Drive-ins and Dives for a while – thought maybe he was genuinely nice guy. Got a little concerned when he started doing game shows, etc. that his ego was gonna go off the rails….. but still gave him the benefit of the doubt. Then about two or three months ago I ran into him at a concert….HE IS AN ARROGANT, RUDE, D-BAG… 86′d his show off my DVR and will never spend a penny at one of his restaurants.