Don’t Break Up Gallery: Kim Gordon And Thurston Moore

When I first heard Sonic Youth‘s Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore were separating after 27 years of marriage (and 30 as a couple), my first impulse was to ignore the news in the hopes it would go away. And yet, as cries of “wtf noooo!” flitted through my twitter feed, it became harder and harder to do so. Over their three decades as life and musical partners, Kim and Thurston have made some of the most influential rock music of all time, as well as proving the exception to the rule that rock stars’ personal lives must be all drama ridden and tabloid-y. I know we like to do break-up galleries here at Crushable, but as I’m having a hard time accepting this news (and as they’re not actually divorcing yet), I’ve made a “don’t break up” gallery of Kim and Thurston looking fucking bad ass together through the years. Let’s hope these two crazy kids can work it out.

BONUS: Here’s the video for the first track off their most recent album, The Eternal. Let’s hope it’s not their last.

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