New York Comic Con Needs A Drink(ing Game)

Nerd alert: New York Comic Con was this weekend. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What? New York Comic Con? I’ve heard of San Diego Comic Con; but NEW YORK Comic Con? Nonsense!” But, you see, it is not nonsense. And for those of us who can’t haul arse all the way out to California every year, it’s a boon. And that, my friends, is why it deserves a drinking game. Were you at New York Comic Con this weekend? If yes, play along. If no, play along anyway. Drunk nerd are HILARIOUS. (Did I mention that I’M a drunk nerd? Because I am. Par-tay!)

You have a one-day pass to Comic Con: Take a drink and choose your day wisely.
You have a multiple-day pass to Comic Con: Take a drink for each day and continue to choose your days wisely.
You have a four-day pass to Comic Con: Supernerd, eh? Take four drinks and don’t worry about choosing your days.
You have a press pass to Comic Con: Come on over and have a drink with me. Because we’re awesome.
You find a hilarious and/or awesome piece of merchandise on the show floor: Take a drink for each piece of merch.

You find the STRANGEST PIECE OF MERCHANDISE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN on the show floor: Take a drink. Then take one more, just to make sure you’re not hallucinating.
Are you hallucinating?: If you aren’t, take a drink. If you are, take a drink anyway.
You encounter an awesome popular celebrity: Take a drink.
You encounter an awesome popular celebrity while they’re speaking at a panel: Take two drinks.
You encounter an awesome popular celebrity while they’re signing autographs at their booth: Take three drinks.
You encounter an awesome popular celebrity just wandering around: Take four drinks and start a conversation (if you’re not too smashed and starry-eyed, that is).
You encounter an awesome obscure celebrity: Take a drink, then take a bonus drink as a reward for knowing who this person is.
You engineered the encounter: If you pulled it off, take a drink and celebrate; if you didn’t pull it off, take a drink and cry about the fact that your favorite obscure celebrity now thinks you’re a creep.
OVER THERE!: He’s not looking so good these days, is he?
Shhh. Try not to stare: Fine. Take a drink and introduce yourself to Mark Hamill.

You encounter a convention-goer wearing a costume: Take a drink.
It’s a lame costume: Take two drinks.
It’s a respectable costume: Take three drinks.
It’s the COOLEST COSTUME YOU HAVE EVER SEEN: Take four drinks and then buy one for the person wearing the costume.

Yes, someone actually made this Iron Man costume. Amazing, isn’t it?

You line up for a panel: Take a drink.
The line is monstrously long: Of course it is, because this is the Avengers panel. Take a drink. Then take another. Then take another, because we’re going to be here for a while.
The line is astonishingly short: Lame panel, huh? Take a drink.
No, it’s a popular panel: UNHEARD OF. Take a drink for lying.
I saved a spot for you: You did? Awww, how nice!
You meet a real, live, vampire: Really? No way. Really?
Yeah, really: Nice!
He makes you a pair of prosthetic fangs: Fun. Take a drink, but make sure there’s a bendy straw.
And then he eats you: Well, shit. Switch over to True Blood and get back in your coffin before you burn up.

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