Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Has a New Website, Boyfriend, House. Has She Finally Gone Straight?

Can it be true? Is troubled Teen Mom Jenelle Evans finally straightening herself out? Maybe! Let’s spend a minute or two catching up with Jenelle, shall we?

Let’s start small: Jenelle is getting a website up and running. There’s nothing on it yet, but it’s called jenelleandjace.com, so presumably she’s gearing it towards adventures in parenting. Once she gets custody of Jace back from her mother Barbara, that is.

If she keeps going on the track she’s on right now, though, getting Jace back might not be as impossible as it hitherto has seemed: Her attorney, Dustin Sullivan, told Radar Online not too long ago that Jenelle is “doing really well. She is getting drug tested once a week and has passed every single test for the last two and a half months.” Unexpected? Perhaps. Good? Definitely.

And then there’s the new boyfriend. At the end of September, Jenelle tweeted this picture of the two them, along with the encouraging words, “Preview of my new man. He is simply amazing to me!”:

So, is this another Kieffer Delp? Doesn’t look it, interestingly. Starcasm did a little digging and found out that his name is Josh and that he– prepare yourselves– HAS A JOB. Let me say that again, just because it’s so unreal: JENELLE’S BOYFRIEND HAS A JOB. Apparently Josh works in pest control, where his duties usually involve taking down and rebuilding walls. Carpentry ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at, so good for him.

And last but certainly not least, guess what? Jenelle has moved out of her mom’s house– which, granted, she does a lot– but the difference this time is that she’s not just crashing on someone’s couch until they kick her out. Remember Jenelle’s friend Amber? It’s okay if you don’t; we haven’t seen much of her since Jenelle’s 16 & Pregnant episode. But Amber and Jenelle have rented a house together not far from Barbara’s place, and you know what? It looks pretty nice! Check it out, courtesy of Starcasm.

Here’s the exterior:

Cute, right?

And here’s the living room:

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    • David Vaccarello

      Jenelle is a totally fucked up bitch. She’s a MONSTER!!!! She has temper tantrum cause she can’t smoke weed and she can’t see that fucked up loser boyfriend and bla bla bla….. She’s a spoiled rotten irresponsible little child who has no business raising a child of her own. Get real! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING JENELLE!!! I can’t believe that anyone even wants to be around you. The only reason that you even have any “so called” friends is because of the show. On your own, you’d be one lonely fucking bitch!

    • debra Hall

      Girl i think it takes alot of balls to say u need help. I have been in the that same spot before and it only gets better. once u hit rock bottom there is nothing to do but look up. It take a real woman to say her wrongs in life even on tv…………………