• Fri, Oct 14 2011

This Photo Of Kirk Cameron Celebrating His Birthday Makes Me Sad

Look, I know he took his success in the public eye and used it to proselytize Evangelism on TV alongside a mustachioed man named Ray Comfort. I know he doesn’t believe in evolution and thinks that the banana is evidence of Intelligent Design. But no one — not even Kirk Cameron — deserves to spend his birthday with a cheap grocery store bundt cake, two bored coworkers, and a couple Spicy Italians on wheat.

I wonder what he’s wishing for here. Probably a better birthday party and a six-inch from Quiznos. (via BuzzFeed)

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  • Fed_Up18

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  • Ellen

    Now I feel sad for him too :( But he can still change, if he really wants to. Also, his sister has a serious case of crazy eye, she scares me.

  • Ash

    I literally cannot stop laughing.