Adultery Site Offers David Boreanaz $250K To Be Their ‘Brand Manager’

This is probably the best news of the day, and it’s barely lunchtime., the “married dating service,” has landed on the best possible cheating celebrity to serve as their “brand manager”: David Boreanaz. You’ll remember that earlier this week David told the media that his 2010 affair with Rachel Uchitel actually strengthened his marriage to wife Jaime Bergman because they were able to build upon the bad experience together. could probably use a positive spin, so they’ve reached out to David’s rep with a letter outlining their terms. The company is offering him $250,000 to…

  • Make 10 personal appearances on behalf of the site at different locations in the U.S., plus 10 television appearances.
  • Do 2 “satellite media tours” lasting 3-4 hours each.
  • Participate in 2 photo shoots with the intent of getting 20 shots for’s Internet, PR, and print campaigns.
  • Make 3 TV commercials for the site.
  • Post 30 promotional tweets/Facebook posts, approved by the site.

The fact that David and Jaime were able to “bond” over his infidelity is exactly what is looking to promote. CEO Noel Biderman – the same man who wrote the letter to David — told E! Online,

“We feel Mr. Boreanaz would be the perfect fit for our brand as he has given a public voice to something we have been saying for years. People enter into affairs to save their marriage, and Mr. Boreanaz had the courage to admit that. The rest of the cheaters in Hollywood—there is no shortage on AshleyMadison, but we are not naming names—might also find this kind of confession liberating.”

David hasn’t responded yet, though it’s interesting timing that just last night he tweeted a photo of him and Jaime enjoying Indian food in NYC with the caption Bonding.

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