Jessica Chastain Is The MVP Of Movies For 2011

Take Shelter

I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about Take Shelter; like The Debt, I plan on seeing it sometime soon, so any information is pulled from reviews. Again she plays the loyal wife to a complicated man—this time to Michael Shannon, who has paranoid visions that the world is ending and uses all of his family’s resources to build up a storm shelter. This movie looks fantastically scary, especially as Jessica’s character starts to doubt her husband’s sanity.


Every actress starting out should have a role in an ancient epic—this one’s set in Rome. Jessica plays Virgilia, the wife of Coriolanus (Ralph Fiennes), who joins forces with a former enemy to take revenge on the city that banished him. Jessica jumped at the chance to work on the film, an experience she called “a master-class,” because she studied Shakespeare during her time at Juilliard.

Texas Killing Fields

Jessica reunites with her Debt co-star Sam Worthington for Texas Killing Fields, where she plays a detective investigating a string of murders. She and Sam play a divorced couple working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan to try and save Chloe Moretz, who might be the next victim.

Aaaand we’re done! For now, at least… Jessica’s teaming up with Terrence Malick again for an untitled project, and she’ll appear in The Wettest County in the World in 2012 with Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy, who play bootlegger brothers defending their business.

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