Space Relations: 19 Technology Resources For Roommates

To Use When You’re Managing Bills, Expenses and More

1. Split The Rent a.k.a. Splitwise: This is a free tool for roommates to use to track bills and shared expenses, “so that everyone gets paid on time.” Still in beta.

2. Remember the Milk: A task manager that allows you to stay on-track so nothing gets forgotten or flies under the radar. Hugely popular and easy to use.

3. MyHomie: This app allows roommates to “share a calendar, split bills, handle lists, set reminders and talk about life at home.” Basically, an all-in-one app!

4. WePay: A service that allows recurring payments to be deducted from individual accounts and placed into a group account. Group debit cards are also available. WePay also sends reminders to those who haven’t paid by the due date, which is an awesomely handy benefit.

5. Bills Are In: “An easier way to keep everybody happy and stop arguments over money in shared households.” I like that it says “easier,” as if to say, “Hey, we can’t make miracles happen, but we try to help when we can.” Realistic!

6. Square: An app that accepts credit cards, so your low-on-funds roommate has no excuse when bill time is up. It’s important to note that the processing fee is a smidge high at 2.75 percent per swipe. (You can charge that to your roommate, too!)

7. PayDivvy: This service divides up the total rent using a pie chart to show what percentage each roommate owes. You can “pay all your bills in one place, collect money from friends, and split expenses with roommates, friends & family.”

8. Roommate Reconciler: An accounting app that allows you to take control of personal debts owed by roommates and friends. “Simply enter shared expenses, the amount each person owes, and any repayments they’ve made, and the app will show you exactly how much each person still owes to whom.” This kind of sounds like a basic calculator to me?

BONUS App: 101 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate: “Funny tips and tricks that help you bug your roommate in a fun and friendly manner.” I’m not sure the makers of this app share the same definitions for “fun” and “friendly” as I do, but hey, give it a whirl!

Did I forget anything? Have any of you used these sites and apps to find roommates/housing or to manage your shared bills? Let me know in the comments!

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