Tareq Salahi Is Selling Michaele Salahi’s Used Underwear

Would you buy fame-pariah Michaele Salahi‘s used underwear? Because her cuckolded estranged husband Tareq Salahi is selling them — supposedly for charity, although that may be a bit of a sham. Meanwhile, Michaele continues to live the high life with her new boyfriend, Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

Tareq claims he’s donating the proceeds of the underwear sale to charity, but in reality only 10% of the what he earns will go to Make A Wish Foundation and Comic Relief, his charities of choice. So it looks like Tareq is actually just trying to make a quick buck — but will he even be able to do that? Who actually wants to own Michaela’s underthings? Selling off her used, vagina-scented unmentionables implies this some sort of aura of sexiness around Michaele, which, frankly, isn’t what’s notable about her. People pay attention to her (to the degree that people pay attention to her) because of her outlandish antics and not because she’s some sex symbol with magical pheromones.

Maybe I’m wrong and hundreds of people will bid on the undies. More likely, Neal Schon will snatch them up (ugh, pun not intended) as yet another way to one-up his nemesis.

(via HuffPo)

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