Video: Kanye West Keeps His Mouth Shut At Occupy Wall Street

As you may know by now, Kanye West put in an appearance at Occupy Wall Street yesterday. What you may not know is that Kanye stood there like an especially constipated-looking Silent Bob while Jay (a.k.a. Russell Simmons) did all the talking for him. Somebody even caught it on video! Quoth Simmons:

Kanye has been a big supporter spiritually for this movement, and he’s just here to stand with the people. He’s not (inaudible) the politics of it, doesn’t want to make a statement, didn’t want to do any media at all, actually [ed: YEAH RIGHT], but he’s here and so I guess there’s almost no way around it. He’s here and he’s here in support of the people, as an artist he feels these artistic people, and he feels what they’re doing. And he knows, he understands this idea about getting the money out of government, letting the people govern. He wants to give power back to the people. That’s why we’re here.

Um, does Yeezy think this is some sort of elaborate performance art piece? Does he have any idea what the people around him are protesting? Does he know that if the OWS people get what they want, his taxes will go way, way up and he won’t be able to purchase as many designer grilles as usual? I mean, I’m all for members of the 1% allying themselves with the movement; we need more billionaires like Warren Buffet to talk about just how little the super-rich currently pay in taxes, and how little it would hurt them to pay their fair share. I don’t think anyone is going to run a wealthy ally out of the park, especially if they buy pizza for everyone.

But it doesn’t seem like Kanye understands it this deeply, or else he would’ve told Russell Simmons to tell us. It seems to me like he was attempting to use OWS to try to make people think he has a soul before going shopping for more $400 plaid shirts and having some more of his teeth replaced with diamonds. I’m all for Kanye keeping his mouth shut in most instances, but this was one in which it might have been helpful for him to give some sign that he understood what the fuck was going on around him. I’m sorry, but when you say something that you later end up having to apologize for each time you open your mouth, you no longer get the benefit of the doubt.

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