Check Out The Cover Art For Rihanna’s New Record ‘Talk That Talk’

Rihanna‘s a machine, basically. A sexy, sexy album-recording machine. The pop diva, who last week surpassed Madonna to become the artist with the most Billboard Top 10 hits, plans to release Talk That Talk on November 21st. The record will have two different covers — one for the full LP and another for the super special deluxe edition.

This is the regular album cover. Look, it’s like she tattooed the its name on her arm! But probably she didn’t do that, right? I also spy some sort of American Indian chief ring on her finger, so that’s a fun image to appropriate and use to sell pop music.

Here’s the deluxe edition. That mouth full of smoke is incredibly suggestive, and if a 12-year-old boy doesn’t Photoshop in a penis by day’s end, I will be shocked.

(via PopDust)

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