Beyonce Is Faking Her Pregnancy!

Destiny’s child might be nothing but a sham, you guys! It looks like Beyonce is faking her pregnancy. The singer appeared on the Australian news program Sunday Night HD over the weekend — and when she sat down for a Q&A with the show’s host, her supposedly pregnant belly appeared to collapse in on itself, leaving viewers to speculate that it might be a prosthetic. Here’s a screengrab of the moment it flattens:

No way there’s an actual baby in there, right? So, what the hell? Why is Beyonce doing this? The rumor circulating is that the singer and her husband Jay-Z have hired a surrogate to carry the child. Presumably, the couple assumes that admitting so much would make them look bad, so they’re faking things with a foam fetus. Which makes Beyonce quotes like, “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside me,” said at the MTV VMAs when her “pregnancy” was revealed, feel awfully manipulative.

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Beyonce is officially 30-years-old, although there has been speculation her entire career that she’s actually several years older than that. So, conceivably, Beyonce feels she’s at an age when it’s no longer prudent to carry a child. The lies, they continue to mount!

So far Beyonce and Jay-Z have refused to comment. So, will they come clean or keep up the charade with an ever-expanding collection of prosthetics? And how bad will the backlash be? The child is due is February, so we have many more months to watch the saga unfold… and pop back into shape, etc.

UPDATE: Beyonce’s publicist has called the news, “Stupid, ridiculous and false.” All right, then.

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    • kerry

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    • step123

      No pregnant woman leans forward to sit when her tummy is that big anyway…it hurts to do that….stretches your skin all out….
      Also, those bikini pics….so what? Fake tummies are not impossible….look at her fake tummy on Knocked Up. It looked real and natural too.

      This is a fake stomach. Its gross that this couple is so manipulative and fake about everything.

      • Sue Rosenorn

        You are 100% right!

      • Grape Soda

        Exactly! Everything is so fake. Even her walk in the interview. The pix of her in the bikini are just her sticking her stomach out. If you look closely you can see that her stomach is lumpy. She has been wearing fake breasts and taking prednisone to make her face swell to make her look like she is gaining weight. She is a narcissist and I’m sure is enjoying all the extra attention. Shame she feels that she has to be dishonest to remain relevant, just say you have hired a surrogate!

    • RocaLoca

      OMG!!!! is it fake? well havta waitn see……….

    • Dana

      Who would ever “fake” a pregnancy? It’s just a hassle. So you really think Beyonce and her husband would fake it? NO! They have so much on their plate anyways. They don’t even have time to pull a stunt like that. This is the most rediculous accusation I have ever heard and everyone who believes this scandal must be very bored with their life and gullible. She IS pregnant and she IS carrying a baby inside her. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON. The things people say for attention… geez.

    • it is a fake

      this bitch is sick what can i say she need a help

    • Stacie

      REALLY wow ppl have nothing more to do then sit and talk saying she is faking….I guess when I had my two and never showed I was faking to but dam the cost of raising them aint fake…Come on ppl

    • ashley mallary


      • ∆∆∆Truth is Facts∆∆∆

        Yes it matters till this day.. This is a Mega star who is VERY influential to the world and the media brushed it off despite obvious proof aside from this video…. What else are they brushing off… Stop with the shallow thinking Ashley Mallary and people who think like her – Expand you mind even just for a second !!!

    • jess

      i think she did fake her pregnancy, she probably had a surrogate haveit for her so she wouldnt lose her body for her career. they just didnt want to come out and say it.