Seattle Area Douchebag Gains Internet Notoriety For Stiffing And Insulting His Server

Update: Victoria posted to her Facebook that she got the wrong guy, so we’ve taken down this Andrew’s photo and Facebook page. We’re sorry, man—hope you didn’t get too much hate mail from this mistake!

When Andrew Meyer of Seattle, Washington (pictured) went out to dinner recently, he made a mistake that will (hopefully!) haunt him for the rest of his life. You see, after the bartender/server was reportedly totally nice to him, Meyer left this lovely one-two punch for her:

That’s right: a big, fat null set where the tip should be, plus the helpful suggestion that “You could stand to loose [sic.] a few pounds.”

The server, a woman named Victoria Liss, took to Facebook to vent her frustrations, posting this photo of the receipt alongside a description of what had gone down:

Yes, it said “lose a few pounds” and all this was after I was nice and pleasant and his female companion called our double decker taco “carb hell”. Also, he picked up my tip jar that had $1.25 in quarters in it and shook them into his pocket. Wow.

Wait, so in addition to leaving her a zero dollar tip, he actually stole tips that other customers had given her?  In front of the restaurant’s manager? What in the fucking hell?

Fortunately for Monday Internet fun times, he used a credit card to perpetrate this douchebaggery, so now we know his name, where he works, where he went to college, and even what frat he was in. Here is his Facebook page. You’d think that someone who works at Microsoft would be smart enough to know that even if the woman had been way rude to him, it would be incredibly easy for her to make him look like an ass just by pushing a few buttons on her smart phone. Then again, he’s not so great at spelling, so perhaps this, too, was a difficult concept for him to grasp.

This customer of the year has yet to come out of the woodwork to offer an explanation, but unless Victoria hocked a loogie in his food, I find it hard to believe that she had this coming. And speaking of loogies, Mr. Meyer had best avoid eating at any restaurants until this blows over, because I have a feeling he will not be receiving the best of service there.

PS: Hey, Google stats! “Andrew Meyer” Andrew Meyer Seattle Texas Tech Kent Washington terrible customer Andrew Meyer Andrew Meyer.

(Via The Stranger)

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