Everyone Needs To Calm Down About Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain

When she hit the stage at this past weekend’s Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales, Christina Aguilera looked a little bit different than we’re used to seeing her. Namely, she had a bad weave and she’d gained a bit of weight, and she did not dress to disguise that second fact. Because it’s their job to police famous women’s bodies, outlets like The Daily Mail published headlines like “Christina Aguilera Hits A Low Note.” This is especially ironic in light of the fact that X-tina did a great job with the actual singing, as evidenced by this low quality Youtube video:

Does that performance sound like a “low note” to you? It doesn’t to me. You know what’s a “low note”? Using someone’s profession (in her case, singing) as a metaphor for how fat they look in a leotard and fishnets. (Never mind the fact that pretty much everyone with a BMI above “borderline too low” looks fat in a leotard and fishnets.)

Could she have picked an outfit that made her look thinner? Sure. But I think it’s kind of cool that she didn’t. I love it how everyone’s okay with Christina engaging in cosplay and wearing a ton of makeup when she’s on a diet, but once she [goes on a new medication/gets off birth control/eats a delicious cheesecake/insert reason for weight gain here], suddenly it’s all, “ew, gross, we don’t want to see that.” Guess what? Chubby girls can be sexy, too, and Christina is here to demonstrate that fact for you. Beyond that, though, this particular pop star was never solely about sex appeal. The thing that’s always differentiated her from Britney Spears is that, in addition to being sexy or whatever, she has some insane fucking pipes, and those pipes are going to carry her career long after she’s no longer considered a babe by society’s messed up standards. Consider this my “LEAVE CHRISTINA ALONE!”

I will say, however, that she should probably get a better hair stylist for her next performance. You paid good money for that hair, girl. It does not just get to do whatever it wants.

(Via The Daily Mail)


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    • Christinafan

      Most true, she sounded amazing in her performance. Honestly, she look awesome and the outfits worked with the songs

    • alexis

      I agree with everything you said! People are so ridiculous. Christina will always be BEAUTIFUL!<3

    • Karen

      Please, she looks hideous. I don’t care if she gains weight, but wear appropriate clothing. Nobody needs to see that ish. What’s she trying to be the fried blonde version of Adele? At least Adele has class and dresses nicely for her weight.

    • keepinit100

      It sounds like she killed it in her performances and that’s all that really matters. So, what if she’s gained a few pounds. Do we actually expect her to stay a size 0 forever? I saw her live during her Back to Basics tour and was pleasantly surprised that despite being so tiny, she had curves. I think now those curves are just becoming more prominent. However, in keeping it 100, if she wore clothes to flatter her figure, it wouldn’t look so bad to the super-cynical eye of the media, etc. I know everyone has their thing, but it’s time to let the platinum blonde hair and uber red lipstick go.

    • Celia

      I’m not hating on the weight gain. Not at all. I will, however, hate on the fact that she is not FLATTERING her weight at all. Yes, “chubby” girls can be sexy (though she is FAR from what anyone would say is chubby), but when someone who has gained weight prances about like this – in clown make-up and unflattering outfits – do plus sized ladies even have a chance?

      Gain weight, that’s fine. We all fluctuate. But do it gracefully – like you’re embracing it instead of just pretending it didn’t happen.

    • cindy

      What a wonderful article. Your point on I loved Christina Aguilera and the tribute she did for MJ with both songs. She rocked and it’s amazing how shallow people are about her looks. So great article. I love that haters will hate but in the end she’s got the pipes and she does private shows with her voice that no one else is making 4 +millions on her voice alone. keep singing Christina. Can’t wait for your new album and the return of The Voice!!

    • Gigi

      Yes she is still an amazing singer but she looks horrible. Too much junk food, too much booze, too much something. And if she is boozing it up, her voice may go away soon a well.

    • Catherine

      Holy crap! She’s looks as though she’s a massive size 4 in these pictures. Not the most flattering outfit, perhaps, but whatevs. People need to simmer dah nah.

    • celondelon

      She doesn’t sound as good as she used to she sounds out of breath and tired the warblings and note spirals cannot hide the fact her voice is out of shape. Body aside if she continues to party she’ll lose her talent because the vocals chords can’t take a hammering from alcohol and she needs get her vocals back. She looks a right royal mess, love or hate Michael Jackson his talent was unquestionable a talent and legacy that deserved a much better tribute than this sloppy vocal performance.

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