Video Gallery: 8 Hilarious Sesame Street Pop Culture Parodies

Ah, Sesame Street: Making television for toddlers palatable to adults since 1969. Not only did it revolutionize educational television, but perhaps even more impressively, it made sure that the parents, teachers, babysitters, and other adults watching the show with their favorite three-year-olds wouldn’t go crazy from its inanity. And what exactly is it about the show that makes it so amazing, however old or young you are? Its pop culture references. Little kids may not know who Isaiah Mustafa is, but their parents certainly do. Let’s take a look at some of Sesame Street’s best pop culture parodies, shall we? You just might learn something yourself!

1) Glee
This is one of the most recent parodies to have been tackled by the Street, and frankly, the only question I’m left with is why it took them this long to get to it. Between the Muppet Jane Lynch and the not-quite “Don’t Stop Believin’,” they’ve got it spot on.

Hmm. Now I have “Don’t Stop Believin’” stuck in my head. Too bad that song has been forever tarnished by the whole Michaele Salahi-Neal Schon debacle.

2) The Old Spice Guy
Grover is totally sexier than Isaiah Mustafa. And also he teaches kids about prepositions. ON MY NOSE.

3) Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
It’s unlikely that a lot of kiddies paid too much attention to the drama surrounding Julie Taymor and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, but an awful lot of adults certainly were. Grover, by the way, is also sexier than Reeve Carney.

4) Mad Men
Talk about literal Mad Men. Also, apparently all it takes to turn Sad Don Draper into Happy Don Draper is a picture of a bear with honey. Who knew?

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