Former Weezer Bassist Mikey Welsh Has Died

Former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh was found dead in a Chicago hotel room on Sunday. No official cause of death has been given, but the police suspect drugs may have been involved. Mikey, 40, was in town to see Weezer play a show at RiotFest.

Mikey joined Weezer in 2000 after original bassist Matt Sharp left the band to focus on his other band, The Rentals. He spent a year in Weezer, recording The Green Album with Rivers Cuomo and co., before suffering a nervous breakdown in 2001. He sought treatment, after which he began painting professionally. At the time of his death, Mikey had been living in Vermont with his wife and two sons.

Eerily, Mikey seems to have predicted his own death on Twitter. He wrote the following just a few days ago:

R.I.P., Mikey. You’ll be missed.

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