Video: Sour Patch Kids Attack Method Man

Sour Patch Kids are devious. They’ll cut the strings on your yoyo. They’ll unfold your origami. They’re real menaces to society, those Sour Patch Kids. Or at least, they’re menaces to Method Man’s society, because this is apparently what happens to him whenever anyone spills a bag of them near him:

This… confuses me. Is it just a three-and-a-half-minute-long Sour Patch kids commercial? Or is Method Man unusually interested in the exploits of little men made out of gelatin? Or (even better), is it a trailer for a video game starring a bag of Sour Patch Kids? This last option seems to be the most likely, given the plug about them head to a console near you. To which I ask: Who the hell came up with the idea to have a video game based around Sour Patch Kids? Stranger things have happened, I suppose; does anyone remember that Sega game starring the 7-Up Spot? Though to be honest, this is what I REALLY want to know: Who decided that Method Man would be the best celebrity to shill for this very strange-looking game? Alas, we may never learn the truth.

Damn. Now I really want some Sour Patch Kids.

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